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NGUNI 2 Nsiphozamabele – ‘The Dregs Of The Sorghum’

NGUNI 3 Nco – ‘Spotted Red And White’

Trance Dance

Brent Dodd was born and raised in Zimbabwe; growing up on a farm in the Eastern Highlands and attending one of Zimbabwe’s premier boarding schools, Peterhouse Boys. His subject matter is uniquely reflective of his own experience and his affection for this world of adventure and fascination. Committing his thoughts and findings to canvas, he portrays humans, landscapes, and wildlife with equal precision and empathy.

It was this upbringing that provided him with the foundation from which he launched his venture into the international art world. Having exhibited in New York, Las Vegas, Dallas, London and across the African subcontinent, he enjoys a strict schedule of international travel, building a footprint to satisfy his love of art.

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We are very excited to be having our next Sip & Sketch at Teachers on Tuesday 6th March. Please comment with your email address if you are interested in attending. We hope to see you there! ... See MoreSee Less

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Really pleased that Katima has gone to such a good home. Congratulations Anne! Thank you for your continued support. ... See MoreSee Less

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Original Oil on Canvas Available
90cm x 60cm

Email: brent@brentdodd.com
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Original Oil on Canvas Available
53cm x 40cm

It is during the new years journey that one must rest on the cool purple sand. It is about trying to create the balance of go and wait in life. This painting contrasts the purple and blue with its opposite yellow and orange. Through different eyes we interpret the future. A future that never comes as we are always in the now.

Get in touch for details - brent@brentdodd.com
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One of the Africanis dogs, Katima painted here in side profile as a mugshot. Though she smiles uncharacteristically of such moments, she is unaware that her kind are used in the pursuit of hunting. Painted not to debate the right or wrongs, or boundaries crossed, but to make a statement about how education and collaboration may find a path forward.

Original Oil on Canvas framed and available.
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