Art Safari

Art Safari

You may have been on safari, but have you ever been on an art safari? Well, here it is! Zebra Hills Safari Lodge is a Big 5 destination set in the heart of South Africa’s East Coast. The Zululand Rhino Reserve is a 23 000 hectare sanctuary to a plethora of wildlife and bird species, covering landscapes of rocky outcrop to riverine forest – the perfect destination for your art safari!
What better time and place to double up on a luxury safari holiday and trying a new experience. An extraordinary lodge experience in the heart of Africa’s wilderness, what more could you ask for? The early morning game drives afford one the ideal opportunity to stop and sketch under the expert guidance of internationally represented artist, Brent Dodd.
Whether you’ve never picked up a brush or are a seasoned exhibitor – this is the art experience you’re looking for.


  • Transfer from Durban International Airport to Zebra Hills Safari lodge. Comfortable two and half hour drive.
  • Unpack and relax.
  • Short introductory demonstration by Brent Dodd in the techniques of both sketching and en plein aire painting for the outdoor setting.
  • Ranger guided evening drive that will expose you to the area and offer an opportunity to take world class reference photos.
  • Dinner and discussion of artwork styles and individual goals.

Early Morning

  • Game drive to first painting destination – set up and workshop for two hours in situ.
  • Return to lodge, breakfast, continue developing painting using reference and guidance of techniques by Brent Dodd.


  • Drive for sketching and watercolour,
  • Ranger guided tour of daily hot spots to refine wildlife sketching and watercolour painting of a magnificent landscape – learning and honing the skills required to catch the moment in time whilst having evening drinks.

Evening – in order to record quick moments in time.

  • Evening game drive with drinks and reference photography,
  • Dinner and reflection including Artwork Analysis,
  • Documentary Discussions of other artists in Africa and their own methodology.

Early morning

  • Game drive.
  • Breakfast at the lodge and summary of the week’s activities.
  • Transfer back to Durban International Airport.

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A New Dawn
Original Oil on Canvas
40cm x 50cm

The 21st of November this year - I was sitting on a step in South Africa when the news came through that the President of Zimbabwe, 37 years in, had resigned. I’ve painted these rocks, so typical of the hills in the South of Zimbabwe. They are the building blocks of an empire. They have weathered his dictatorship as have the people. It felt like someone was suddenly standing taller than the sky, waving a flag, saying come home. There is an incredible sense of hope. Its explosive. Suddenly it feels like there isn’t going to be enough paint.
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For those polo enthusiasts, herewith some studies of the various game stages with a catch.

All images are available in Limited Edition Original A4 Ink on Paper.

Artworks are available worldwide and are priced at R450.00 each (glass faced framed)

To order:
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For those polo enthusiasts, herewith some studies of the various game stages with a catch. All images are available in Limited Edition Original A4 Ink on Paper. Artworks are available worldwide an...

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Brent Dodd (Artist) updated their cover photo. ... See MoreSee Less

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A Brother's Watch
Original Oil on Canvas Available
176cm x 54cm

A line of brothers. Oldest to youngest. In the direction that one reads this. Some leading, some unsure of today or tomorrow, wasting time in rumination, others observing while some are still learning. I noticed the youth are always very skeptical of their elders. ‘It was different when you were young. Its not the same now’. I worry about him, growing alone, building walls where he needn’t and not building where he should, purely because we weren’t there to tell him or show him. He is still at school. One day I hope he forgives us. When you’re small you have to be big, when you’re big they don’t let you be small again.
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