Big Bend

Late night painting in the saloon. Conversations. Lessons. Sharing. If one were to have access to absinthe, perhaps it would lead to such electric colors. Exuberant ‘hyperbolization’
of color. They’re all words when its that late. Tomorrow or yesterday. The feeling of doing something that makes you PAUSE. It sends the sonar pulse to the pit of your stomach and stops the clock. This is it, you think, this is what I have fought for all these years. To be able to just paint. Really feeling it without all the masks. Odd thing is, its not like someone else arrived and put it in there. It was here all the time. This isn’t a unique revelation either. It appears we have the power to be whomever we want to be, whenever we want to be. Who
knew? I thought it was amazing. It has been brought to my attention however, that this is commonly known as ‘day dreaming’. I dispute that though, as it was technically still night time.

Original Oil on Canvas SOLD
60cm x 40cm
Unavailable in print

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