I Told You!

‘Do you think they know we can get under the fence?’
‘What do you mean?’
‘They look at us as if we’re prisoners’
‘No they don’t. You look at yourself as if you’re a prisoner’
‘We both have purple shirts on. They wear purple shirts in
prison. I have seen them’
‘Rubbish. You have never seen a prisoner. Ok, the next one that
comes along, if it stops and looks at us, then we are prisoners,
but if it doesn’t stop, then we are free to run under the fence.
And the first one that catches it gets to keep it’
The next cow came walking lazily past in the mid afternoon heat. It didn’t look at the two boys. They scrambled under the fence and chased it.

Original Oil on Canvas SOLD
90cm x 60cm
Unavailable in print

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