NGUNI 8 Hwaqahwaga – ‘Of Being Overcast And Gloomy’

It is inexplicable to those who have explanations. It is not silent but it is mute. It is horribly dark in a world where the grey’s are supposed to carry colour. Utter despondency and dejection looming over you no matter how high you try and climb the ladder. One of those old three step ladders in the garden shed. With the wooden foot wells, strong enough to reach the rafters. The floors get taller.

Tears run on the ink because the slope has become more slippery. How do you stop thinking about thinking? Especially when you’re thinking about thinking about thinking. It is that black sinking mud that steals your feet. This painting is a tribute to those who have explanations, and share them. Even if its just a voice calling from the top of the well, saying ‘you’re ok’.

Limited Edition Print on Canvas
110cm x 90cm

Original Oil on Canvas SOLD to The Bielovich Collection