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An artwork specifically and uniquely created for that one purpose.

Commissioning work is a synergetic, reciprocal process where we create an artwork born of special moments, portraits, favorite places or scenic memories.
Your you!
It is a specific dialogue.
There is something that is classically timeless about making precious moments into paintings.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I work out the cost of a commission?

Pricing of a commission is determined by size, with certain exceptions to portrait commissions. Please submit a contact for and we will send a detailed cost structure for you that will best suit your needs.

What sort of time frame can I expect for a commission?

An artwork enquiry to delivery is a maximum time of three months. This is also dependant on size restrictions.

Can you commission a specific size print?

Yes, all print sizes are customizable to fit your specific size requirements.

Can I have the artwork framed then delivered?

Yes, depending on the delivery destination of the artwork, framing can be done prior to delivery. Separate shipping instructions fees fill apply based on the volumetric measurements of a mounted artwork being shipped versus the standard shipping of the canvas being unmounted and shipped in tube to be remounted by a framer of your discretion at destination.

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    Print 'Nguni 2'. 186cm x 68cm