Charlotte’s Web is a leopard in the tree.


From a photo taken by ‘The Safari Store’ on one of their expeditions. I have tried to simplify the composition but pulling out branches and adding others to give a sensation of it being a spiders web of an environment that the Leopard lives in. Here the sun catches the chest, basking in regal light. It is the only leopard painting I have done in a way that I hope best depicts my interpretation of their demeanor and nature. Ironically the vast majority my experience of leopards has been seeing them on the sand in the east of Botswana. However, there was one time that I did catch her in the tree before she saw me. I knew it was her tree. The scratch marks were there, we had seen her with cubs there. Not this tree but it was a tree late that afternoon that I watched her watching the world.

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This is a limited edition print on canvas, based on a photograph taken by Steve Adams, whilst ranging in the eastern cape of South Africa. A beautiful photo reference taking in the early morning. Very interesting process in developing the lattice of leaves behind the leopard, allowing enough light to come through whilst still keeping the warmth of the composition. Charlotte is in her web, camouflaged to a degree, but elegant and in waiting.

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