NGUNI 10 Phuzigwebu – ‘What Drinks Froth’


This is a painting done first in the series of drinking the froth. I have tried to exaggerate the colour of purple that one saw in the top of the drum as it filled with beer from the beer lorry. Orange contrasts with purple, a light warmth of the cool shadows. Distant but warm memories. The two geese and the horse liked the froth, but ironically, the three cows didn’t.

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Phuzigwebu – that which drinks the froth. What I particularly loved about the name of ‘Phuzigwebu’ was the memories it brought back of the living on the farm as a boy. The huge ‘chibuku’ beer lorry would arrive from town, and fill the forty four gallon drums with beer for the pub on the weekend. As the bowser dispensed its torrent of beer into the drums the froth would bubble bubble up and you could scoop it up in your hand and lick it. It was a sour sweet sorghum of sorts. This painting was done with a palette knife, like a builders trowel, scooping paint off the palette and smearing it onto the canvas.The colours froth from the cow onto the distant canvas.
Its the purple and mauves found in the shadows of the froth. It was the grey area, between being too young to drink beer and getting a taste of the colour.

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