Samburu warriors in a trance dance


This painting is about the act of realizing difficult decisions. The analogy is to that of a traditional African trance dance, where individuals dance around a fire, endlessly, ultimately entering into trances. In the dream world state one theoretically is able to realize solutions and ‘see’ the way forward. Ultimately, then coming out of the dream state back to reality. The individuals in the painting start out of focus on the left, dreaming, finally coming into focus on the right, in the new reality. Similarly, the third individual is aged, as difficult decisions can do to one, but on achieving the hard decision, one has a new lease on life, and hence the gap, between the three individuals and the new youthful individual on the right of the canvas.

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This painting is about making really, really tough decisions. It goes in order. First, your destination appears to be so distant and impossible that you can’t see the end, your eyes are closed and you feel like you’re at the back of every queue. You then decide to just go for it and join, you take a deep breath and begin to go. Its still a bit blurry but the shapes begin to take form. These kinds of decision age you, but since time is an attitude you try and keep going. You leap, maybe it is faith. Because the toughest decisions definitely take more than just you. There is a gap and you come out the other side new. The mirror on the arm is self reflecting. It is better for everyone.

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